Digital Environment Design
intimidating, lonely, destroyed, foreboding.
Beneath the tower, sunken debris and lingering clouds of chlorine gas surround Chernobog, filling their domain with a sense of unease. The dark and crumbling trench is illuminated by light from the tower above, revealing not just the dark god themselves, but the truth of Viracocha’s interference and Tristan’s nature.
 Initially I looked at using deep reds and violets to enhance the feeling of danger in the environment, but felt it was too aggressive for the scene and the reveals of both Chernobog’s position as a pawn and Tristan’s status as a ti bon ange.  Instead, I pushed the shape language of the debris and claustrophobic composition to maintain the feeling of danger, while the sickly greens and desaturated blues hint at the unsettling truths to come.
Composition notans
Value/lighting studies
Value study selections, environment rough sketch
Final Digital Paint
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