Digital Environment Design
Desolate, intimidating, lonely, destroyed, foreboding, dangerous.
After discovering the extent of the war and destruction of her home, Jaska seeks out Chernobog in anger.  The crumbling tower, an ancient ruin long overgrown and abandoned, now stands alone in the wreckage of the wilderness that once surrounded it, a shelter for the god of destruction that waits inside.
I wanted to demonstrate the desolation of the glade, and the idea of a lone tower overlooking the trenches gave the hopeless landscape a visual sense of dread and loneliness. The sharp, twisted metal and barbed wire serve not just to create a dangerous terrain for our characters to navigate, but also isolate Chernobog’s lair from the world, acting like a moat and hinting at the solitary nature of the deity within. The lingering, yellow-green fog not only harkens to Chernobog’s presence, but also serves as a sickly reminder of the once vibrant flora that used to be here.
Composition notans
Value/lighting studies
Value study selections, environment rough sketch
Final Digital Paint
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